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Jazz's Song


“Playboi” and up-and-coming barber, Jasmine “Jazz” Richardson finally got her life together. After a turbulent childhood and even more troubled adolescence, she finally came into her own. Along with having a flourishing career, she enjoyed the single life. Love was not on her itinerary.

Then along came Melody King.

The songstress next door caught Jazz's attention in a way that no other woman ever had, offering her a friendship that she hadn’t known she needed. As Jazz underwent a major life change, Melody was right by her side. And though they agreed to work on their friendship, it soon grew into something much deeper.

But when Jazz is hit with a devastating blast from her past, will they be able to withstand the blow or will Jazz get in her own way, costing herself the love and the family that she never thought she could have?

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