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Heathenism 101

Posted by Socra Teez on April 27, 2016 at 8:55 AM

scripture says the heathen is justified by faith,

so I find no shame in understanding

misunderstanding is a part of the job description,

when leading

a critics greatest weapon,

is ignorance…not being

knowledgeable of

Hebrew concept of know,

is to become one with

if that process has yet to take place

let alone begin

how can one then truthfully criticize?

but then,

we are only hueman


those who know me

those who know me well past the preacher

past the poet…past the professor

past the publisher…past the psychologist

may have a skewed view of actions

not intended for their purpose

and that’s cool

it’s cute how quickly and unconsciously perceived

actions dominate definitions of

right and wrong


I have learned to

accept my heathenism


the shrinkage of my circumference

is honestly greeted with a joy I cannot express in words

not in a manner that can be considered respectful

having been constantly reminded how

powerful my sound is,

I digress

I cannot be completely responsible

for what may be misinterpreted

another’s ignorance is not mine to assign


some truths are hard to deal

some truths are hard to reveal

some truths are filled with pain

but all truths lead to gain

get your mind right

close your eyes

and you may have sight

sound only adds to what you see

so, look for the love

and let all else be


get your life right

and perhaps you will better

sleep at night

you may seek to stop running

full speed down a one-way

the wrong way


false echoes followed by

forewords that fuel fires Faith does not forgive,

feeds me faulty fantasies yet to be fulfilled


I hold onto hope

I hold onto the hope

that my faith in you

will one day in some way

be rewarded


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