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Mistaken Identity

Posted by Socra Teez on January 12, 2014 at 9:20 AM

Solitary confinement accented by motions

of silent waves of compromised joy

A dichotomy of confusion placed in a vicarious

position to be isolated in a crowd of torment and pain,

while struck by the notion that nothing is as it seems

How can there be answers, when the questions

have yet to be posed?

What better way to express obscurity, than by

supply minus demand

But there will be a need, right?

Like needing a crowd

Like needing a crew

Like needing someone who needs you

There will be a need, right?

Like needing water

Like needing food

Like needing to be in a mellow mood

There will be a need, right?

Is it a request or a requirement?

Is it a craving or a determent?

Is it a want or a need?

The fine line that separates the two,

borders reality and insanity

Are you experienced enough to know the difference?

The request is something you delight in

The requirement is something necessity

says cannot afford to bend

In spite of those things you would like,

Have you confused simplicities for complexities

just to feel fine?

Have you lost yourself in your needs

to pacify those dirty deeds done dirt cheap

a sometime?

Have you been looking at blue skies with grey tinted shades?

Have you mistaken the clubs in your hidden hands for spades?

Have you longed to sing a song who’s tune you have hummed all night?

Have you been running from a problem that your soul knows just isn’t right?

The plot thickens as the questions are thusly posed,

ad the once naivety of issues is thusly disposed

It is no longer possible to look Ignorance

in the eyes and feel as though you look in a mirror

That strange dichotomy that places you

in vicarious positions due to

Confusion slowly slips away

Aware of your present position,

the acquisition of light makes it possible to see

The dark path you have traveled is a

dead end in a cloudy cave

A natural formation not fit for human habitation

Why are your hats hung here?

Once again,

silent waves of compromised joy flow in from

torrential floods of emotions that make you

wonder why you forced yourself inside

You can no longer hide from Fate

The monumental moment is at hand

to humble yourself and separate

your wants and your needs


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