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eye am

Posted by Socra Teez on February 21, 2013 at 12:35 AM

On any given Sunday, the sun can be seen setting in the west

after rising in the east

(a small price to pay for commanding peace)

Brief glimpses of greatness rise from meaningless sex stained sheets

that cover flesh trained briefs

all in search of Solomon’s lost key

Spend every dime

exhaust both energy & time

to force open a third eye

merely but for a five minute dream

And it seems

some still cannot see me

Lite speed is rather fast, so screw it

eye am your epiphany’s fantasy

kiss me on my ego

So serious

Circumsize your mind

eyem a miracle making melody maker

eye can redirect your mind, redefine reality

Take three lefts so eye can right

as eye remix time

A walking contradiction…black man with blue blood who bleeds red

My reflection resembles Pinhead

However, this façade is adequate or so eye’ve heard it said

Hannibal Lecture is a colleague,

so lessers become banana bread biscotti’s for my

Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee with Parisian almond crème & toffee

eye am the double headed demon who saves

Change the game with a wave of my hand who craves

Thus, be it resolved, eye am reality at its finest

Your land is my domain

eye am pharaoh reborn

eye am your highness

eye am the reason non-singing lames are

singing in their works on the first place

If you take a pile of pooh

spray paint it platinum, you will still have nothing more

than a pretty pile of shit...please

Cornbread, Earl, Hi-C & Me

We made sure the scene was supplied banging beats

we wrote the blueprint on

“How To Make Your Poetry Show Hot: Even When the Shit on Your List Is Not”

eye am not that nigga, although eye am the O.N.E.

Hell, eyem the reason why they offer disclaimers at shows son

prick please

nothing more than a flea to me

eye electrify audiences like Blanka baby

act like you know

eyem an uncanny x-man well beyond super,

eyem an extraordinary hero

Call me Mr. Manhattan, because eye can make incredulous things happen

Hey, eyem the reason pussy-hunting pretenders defecting to rapping

they aint got nuts like these

Spend their child’s support change to download a lyricist greatest hits collection on mp3, only to read the biography and discover their favorite artist’s favorite artist is SocraTeez

Eye handle my bitch problem one flee at a time

Wondering if eyem going to get mines, is like tweeting the Brothers Johnson and Jesus to see if the son is going to shine

get the funk outta my face

Eyem so ahead of you hoes, eyem bungee jumping on Jupiter broadcasting live in HD from space

You can still keep up with a sundial, it’s true

a non-commissioned analogue is right once in a while

every dog has its day

eye imagine its only fair that this principle applies to a bitch too

eye am this game and this game is me

eyem so art

eye inhale society’s tells and piss filtered fantasies that echoes a drunk mans cream dreams

eye secrete seduction and feed from Despair in apologetics

eye am poetry, so when eye inhale putrid past lives that amount to humorous lies, eye filter the foolishness and exhale aesthetics

eye am having tea in the Sahara with Peter Parker & Ciara, and they are referring to me as Dr. Stephen Strange

strange...but eye know you see it

eye am life, liberty and the pursuit of freedom

you heard it right, eye am poetry

So, play your position trick and treat the game with a little more respect

You have been begging for the real...

Well, this shit right about as real as it gets

colder than the cum from iceman’s dick, trick, eye may be an ass...never an anus, but bitch eye aint shit to play with

eye”ll make you famous...hello hoe

ask your girl if eyem not her biggest secret

Even when you go hard

she’s still thinking about me

eye am the plumb line, the cleaner and the waiter

if poetry is my Stars Wars, then Luke,

eye am your father

eye am Lord Vader

Both maniac and braniac

beautiful nightmare

king of beast

you are a pussy being fed by a griffin,

if we are what we eat

eye am the trillion dollar O.G.

and are a four dollar jigga

look well beyond the frame

eye know you see it

eye am a North African Albino,

when eye go ape my nigga

eye am nirvana

so, eye am Billy Badass’ superlative figure

King Kong, Mighty Joe Young and Godzilla pay homage to me baby,

because eye go-realla


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Reply Ne Wallace
12:56 AM on February 21, 2013 
U R POETRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!