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to thine ownself, be true...a heathens' peace

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farsighted faith

Posted by Socra Teez on February 20, 2013 at 7:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Faith and fear is the separation many Christians can not face. There is a fine line between the two, and too often we fall on the wrong side of the dividing line. What does it mean to “step out on faith”? How do I hide, or rather suppress, my inhibitions of my fear? Why do I struggle with my ability to succeed, fearing the failure I may face? These three questions haunt Christians, causing our downfall. If one can look beyond the fear of failure, then it is my belief that farsighted faith flabbergast the Christian to a large level of immediate success.


Posted by Socra Teez on February 20, 2013 at 7:55 PM Comments comments (2)

Sometimes I hurt,

And I don’t know why

Often times, there is pain,

But there are no bruises

Consequently, I want to cry

But I know not why

Perhaps my past is seeking


Perhaps the present does not like its


Perhaps the future is filled with too much

Fantasy and no reality


Perhaps there is a forest of trees with no leaves,

Nor roots to call their own

Perhaps there is a castle that sits in the clouds,

But the gods must have abandoned it

Perhaps rivers cease to flow,

Because tears have watered their paths

Perhaps empty skies are filled with stars,

And grey skies were always blue

Perhaps lost loves were never lost, yet

They are only in hiding

Perhaps broken dreams are mended with hope



have hUe?

Posted by Socra Teez on June 30, 2012 at 1:10 PM Comments comments (0)

have u ever given consideration

2 the thought

eye have

but then…a blind man can’t sea,

can he?


reposition thought and a variant disposition

sounds sumthing like right

concrete evidence is only as solid as the sand

that it’s made with

approach ur mixer with

chemicals that resemble hazardous waste

even the finest fillet

can leave the most

putridly bitter taste

everyone has a ‘pilot’ who plays their part

know ur role & play ur position is perhaps the prime

start the game knowing exactly why u are on the field,

so that honesty may honestly offer ur all was laid

but if u have a catcher in left field playing safety,

who, my friend on the field, is truly getting played?

prosperity has nothing 2 due with possessions,

although confusion would allow us 2 think otherwise

only after knowledge is coupled with understanding

which would infer action

can a man be truly considered wise

wake up with the belief that 2 day is

dueing it’s job, am eye dueing mine?

am eye seriously ready for a sweat shop?

can eye consciously afford an idle mind?

repair always comes at a high cost

how much,

is a variable the design can best display

garbage in, garbage out

half measures & false truths must

always be considered a loss

if ur aim is true,

then focus must be maintained

manage the surrounding circles and

handle irrelevant objects

that appear larger in the mirror with care,

cautious that casualties considerably constrict the gain


so eye figured

eye would sit in the sun for a while

greet the morning

with a smile

love the day from beginning to end

love the sun for the light it provides

love the moon for the light it pretends

inhale this polluted oxygen

and pass life off with carefully excavated waste

correct my vision

lower my voice

redefine exactly what it means 2


if authorship solidifies one’s future,

consider mines permanently implanted in time

when those around u treat u better than themselves,

then “truly” be surprised


get a good seat

grab a snack

and enjoy ur show

knowing u are still a part of

sumone’s favorite scene selection,

should always bring light 2 ur eyes

have u even consideration 2 the thought

eye have

but then…a blind man can’t sea,

can he?

u have got 2 get urs


eye have got 2 get mines

celebrate life

Posted by Socra Teez on June 30, 2012 at 11:15 AM Comments comments (2)

in every stroke

try sumthing different

try sumthing new

as opposed 2 pleasing others,

how about u appeasing u

close ur eyes & observe the void

re-activate the closed case file and re-examine the view

begin at the tiniest atom

process that, then widen the scope

redefine blue

never be afraid 2 process new information




one plus one equals one & two

pick ur perspective



u will never live life honestly,

if u never open ur eyes

lies lie behind designs, so

process accessed systems with love in mind

however, be so kind 2 treat others with ‘self’ in time

new information always offers variants sum

a day is nothing more than a day

how u divvy up ur duties should not be defined by friction

results are never final til ur last breath has been presented

elevated levels of listening

require less diction

eye have been 2 the mountain like moses & martin

yet, now eye lay in low shaded corners of a valley

in an alley along a dead chained end

how does the life of a blind blue rose bud begin?

perhaps it is me who fails 2 sea

what color is the sky in ur world?

what color are the leaves on ur trees?

how many mountains block ur paths?

how many rivers, lakes and streams flo 2 ur seas?

how well does ur schema work 4 u?

when coded messages are read in the right light,

they have a tendency from time 2 time 2 appear blue

never overly concern urself with false positives

they simply do what they do

in every stroke

try sumthing different

in every breath

try sumthing new


Posted by Socra Teez on June 30, 2012 at 11:10 AM Comments comments (1)

eye am beleaguered as eye
consider the number of people who
look for bliss amidst ignorance
anxiously accept unawareness as the
inappropriate preference of pleasure
what purpose does it serve
2 pretend fostered emotions are
nothing more than mere acts?
if my hands are dirty from due diligence,
then my instructors smile from arrogance
never fall from grace
though God may afford u more,
man will never fail to remind u ur place
point that pricks my soul,
is the proclaimed disdain for me
like a fortunate 500 pushing a new ad campaign
sea camouflaged contemptuousness and
dress it up like one would love
offer me an ultimatum,
yet allow shatan a free pass
hold communion for the sons of rebellion
tell me 2 take them 2 desire’s destiny
then look 2 me 2 purchase the gas
the insinuation that the ignorant’s ideology
trumps reality
imposing their insanity and the intelligent willingly
lap at the feet of a greedy animated hypocrite
it is hard 2 hold onto the image of apathy
presenting itself peacock proud
sneering at its own selfishness
as the beauty behind Love
what words work, when the images
mirror is never appeased, just only teased?
parental advice from sumone whose own is
non-existent, seems a bit foolish 2 follow
hollow is the heart that cannot process fairness
there are no safe grounds for the just in the land of the foolish
eye have sat and watched in wonder how u have witnessed
the creation of a superpower,
yet cannot respect it enough 2 use the intellect
it was mis-educated with
truly amazing
what keeps my head continuously shaking in shame
u would allow the distorted transmission of a
hateful succubus 2 poisonously permeate
before u processed my name
falsely sow disgrace and happily participate
in the deceivers twisted little game
give me credit for the cipher,
yet acknowledge zero needs no credit
when one seeks a gain
know eye am not the lead architect
yet allow the building’s collapse be my blame
am eye 2 process this blatant direct disrespect
as anything greater than or equal 2 vain?
when all of the puzzled pieces have been hoarded
when u are ignorant regarding the rules,
how else due u remain sane?

Heathenism 101

Posted by Socra Teez on Comments comments (0)
scripture says the heathen is justified by faith,
so I find no shame in understanding
misunderstanding is a part of the job description,
when leading
a critics greatest weapon,
is ignorance…not being
knowledgeable of
Hebrew concept of know,
is to become one with
if that process has yet to take place
let alone begin
how can one then truthfully criticize?
but then,
we are only hueman
those who know me
those who know me well past the preacher
past the poet…past the professor
past the publisher…past the psychologist
may have a skewed view of actions
not intended for their purpose
and that’s cool
it’s cute how quickly and unconsciously perceived
actions dominate definitions of
right and wrong
I have learned to
accept my heathenism
the shrinkage of my circumference
is honestly greeted with a joy I cannot express in words
not in a manner that can be considered respectful
having been constantly reminded how
powerful my sound is,
I digress
I cannot be completely responsible
for what may be misinterpreted
another’s ignorance is not mine to assign
some truths are hard to deal
some truths are hard to reveal
some truths are filled with pain
but all truths lead to gain
get your mind right
close your eyes
and you may have sight
sound only adds to what you see
so, look for the love
and let all else be
get your life right
and perhaps you will better
sleep at night
you may seek to stop running
full speed down a one-way
the wrong way
false echoes followed by
forewords that fuel fires Faith does not forgive,
feeds me faulty fantasies yet to be fulfilled
I hold onto hope
I hold onto the hope
that my faith in you
will one day in some way
be rewarded