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The A.R.T.S. Company relentlessly strives to present nothing less than the very best that art has to offer.  We explore every aspect of human life, from the beautiful bliss that exists, to the ugly dark hue that we encounter, we are ALL "heathens" seeking a house of refuge.

Heathens House A&E, LLC is parent to much of what you see here.  In addition to serving as oversight to several book & cd productions, but we are ALSO the master-minds behind logo designs!  We are preparing for an action that will sit the spoken word world on it's HEAD!!!  I DARE say, that NOTHING like what we are preparing has EVER been done!!! stay tuned, because THIS is going to CERTAINLY be something!!!

Papyrus Press Publishing, LLC is a small publishing house based in Houston, TX, serving the budding author who seeks to have his/her materials in print.  We have primarily been consulting aspiring writers on how they may produce their materials for the world to view.

Since producing our first poetry collection, we have been receiving manuscripts from local artists wanting to receive the same recognition.  As we embrace a new year of operation, let us make our future projects represent the best our craft(s) can offer.

IF you are one of those authors who's looking to get published from a nontraditional publishing house that offers you optional means by which to get published, then look no further.  Paper, E-book, CD or whatever, the choice is yours.  When you are serious about YOUR work, your work becomes serious for you!  Do what's best for YOU!

If you have ANY questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to contact us at will:

501.503.1142 b